Top 5 things to do in autumn

Autumn is coming. Can you feel it?

The leaves are starting to brush the pavements, twirling in colour, as they glide across the ground; the birds are getting ready to take flight and migrate from British shores and gardens to warmer climates; and hedgehogs are foraging for food getting ready to hibernate for the oncoming winter. Now that autumn is on her way (we know there was a heatwave recently, but what can you do?), what better time is there to pull out those woolly jumpers, brew a pot of tea and curl up with a book or two and listen to the rain tapping against our windows?

It certainly goes without saying that, so far, this year has been wildly different from any other we’ve ever encountered. But whatever might be going on in the world around us, books can provide a massive comfort in times of uncertainty. It’s said that people have been reading books more than ever to escape the realities of lockdown and social distancing – something which we can definitely relate to. But while the summer is slowly drawing to an end and autumn is on its way, we wanted to share with you some of our top 5 things to do in autumn which we hope you will enjoy.

So what are the top 5 things to do in autumn, according to us?

  1. Go for windy walks

While the sun may still be fighting to shine through and not give in to those grey clouds up above, we can’t help but notice the wind has been whipping up a mini storm recently. But don’t let it bother you. Grab a jacket, or woolly jumper, and find a spot on the map in Cornwall where you just can’t wait to go. Walk across sandy beaches as the tide is getting low, or follow a trail through the woods, all wrapped up warm with a hot chocolate, tea or coffee by your side. Get lost in nature and notice the season changing all around you. Keep a lookout for wildlife – and maybe even try out The Almanac Journal to jot down your thoughts as you go along. We also highly recommend Raynor Winn’s The Salt Path as a great companion for walking the South West coast path.

Some of the top places we recommend in Cornwall are; Tehidy Woods, Cardinham Woods, Lanhydrock Grounds, Bodmin Moor, or really any beach since there are so many wonderful beaches to choose from.

  1. Read a book by the window as rain falls

We know this might sound simple, but we believe that’s the absolute beauty of it and it can be really calming. Have you ever just stopped for a while to watch the rain? Notice how it falls, or leaves hundreds of droplets on the window, and just concentrate on the moment you’re in, before delving into the pages of a book. We recommend a gripping Gothic novel to go alongside rain watching and, of course, an abundance of blankets if you have them (and maybe some chocolate). For instance, we think that Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, Dracula or Jane Eyre would be excellent choices to read alongside the rain. But, alternatively, you might also want to read some gothic poetry from Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, or perhaps the works of Edgar Allan Poe. It’s your choice!

For lovers of Daphne Du Maurier, we recommend Hungry Hill as a great choice for reading beside the rainy windowside. What will you choose?

  1. Fruit and vegetable picking

Autumn can often be thought of as the best time of year for fruit and vegetable picking, or harvesting. There can be so many choices; apples, blackberries, sloe berries, pumpkins, squashes and more. While some may be wild, like blackberries and sloe berries, others you might find at places like Trevaskis Farm where you can pick pumpkins and other fantastic finds every autumn and take them home with you. Even if you don’t want to pick anything itself, it’s still a wonderful treat to be around so many blooming and ripened fruits and vegetables, all bright, colourful and ready for autumnal eating – and cooking! This is great as a family activity, or as a quieter, more reflective way to spend some quality time on your own, surrounded by nature.

We recommend Orchard: A Year in England’s Eden to go alongside this activity, a book filled with noticing the season’s changes, getting in tune with the world and its wildlife, and appreciating the gifts that nature can bring.

  1. Nature watch

Autumn offers some incredible opportunities to get closer to nature and there are so many ways to do it that you’ll be spoilt for choice. As the season changes from warm balmy evenings to darker nights where there’s a slight chill in the air, you can still grab plenty of chances to take notice and watch, or listen, to nature as it passes by. Birds are migrating, so keep a keen eye on the skies; head to the coast and watch for marine life as you walk along the coast path in a hat and some boots; stroll through the woods and scan the treetops for nesting birds and scurrying squirrels across branches, or keep your eyes low to the ground and spot how many different habitats you can identify. Why not take a notebook and jot down what you see? You can even get down close to the soil in your own garden or local park and see what kind of insects are around. For any keen nature-lover, we highly recommend the Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty.

What’s your favourite part of watching nature?

  1. Make a homemade autumn soup

No autumn is complete without cutting up some large chunks of either homegrown or local vegetables and turning them into a wholesome all-kinds-of-good soup. With the nights getting longer, the weather turning colder and the chance to spend more time indoors, we believe that autumn forever hosts a welcome opportunity to get cooking and spend some time in the kitchen creating new brews and recipes that you will love. If you’re not a soup fan, then perhaps you might like to try something else – there’s all sorts of dishes out there from vegetable or beef stew and homemade pasties to blackberry crumble and pear tarts. Whatever you decide to make, we hope you enjoy creating recipes which are packed full of ideas and nutritional goodness.

What would you like to try out the most?

We know there are so many more fantastic things to do in autumn, but we hope you have enjoyed reading about our top 5 that we particularly love. If there are any that we have missed that you’d like to share with us, please let us know in the comments below. We’re interested to hear what you love about the autumn season too.

In the meantime, happy reading.

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