Interview with Amanda James

This week, we are delighted to interview local author Amanda James, who has written over 15 books and never seems to run out of ideas. As an author who writes thrillers full of intrigue with hints of mystery, as well as uplifting women's fiction, it's easy to see why readers fall for her books. Her latest novel, The Cornish Connection, a psychic crime thriller set in Padstow, is out now - and we have a feeling readers won't be left disappointed.

Read on to discover more about her books, what inspires her work, and what readers can expect next in the pipeline for her writing.

Tell us about your latest book, The Cornish Connection, and what readers can expect?

Expect the unexpected! The story is about Nancy Cornish, an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift. She is a psychic, and a very good one. She’s married to down to earth Cornishman Charlie, who’s a DS in the Truro police. He dismisses his wife’s ability as nonsense until she helps him solve a missing person case. Then he realises she could be a very useful detective! It’s set in Padstow and lots of other wonderful places around Cornwall, and I loved writing it.

Many of your books are suspenseful or page turning psychological thrillers. What draws you to writing in these genres?

I like to set puzzles for the reader and like to imagine them second guessing what’s coming next as they read. This genre also allows me to visit my dark side!

Are there any books and authors you think have influenced your writing most of all, and, if so, why?

I would say Dean Koontz and J.R. Tolkien. Two very different writers, but both inspirational. Tolkien developed my love of reading and Koontz encouraged me to have a go at writing. Literally, as he answered a letter of mine in his own handwriting, mark you! He said I should go for my writing dreams and don’t give up. So I did! Or didn’t...if you get me. :)

What do you love most about writing books set in Cornwall?

I adore where I live and the north coast especially, which is about twenty minutes away. Walking next to the Atlantic recharges my batteries and soothes my spirit. I feel most at home when I’m on the beach or walking the cliff paths. Cornwall has lots of wonderful places to write about, and I’m spoilt for choice regarding settings. The sheer beauty of the coastline is breath-taking and inspires me every day.

What can readers expect from you next?

Nancy Cornish PI ( PI = psychic investigator) is the sequel to The Cornish Connection and will be out very soon. After that, it could be another ‘uplit,’ or possibly a suspense. Watch this space!


 Amanda lives in Cornwall and is inspired every day by the wild and beautiful coastline near her home. She has many suspense/mystery novels set there; Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Summer in Tintagel, Behind the Lie, Another Mother, Deep Water, The Cornish Retribution, The Feud and Dark Deception. Amanda has two women's fiction books, The Calico Cat, a family drama/coming-of-age, and The Cornish Connection, cosy crime with a psychic twist.

Amanda can usually be found playing on the beach with her family, or walking the cliff paths planning her next book. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with her latest writing news.

Luckily for our readers, her next book Nancy Cornish PI  will be available to pre-order from us soon.

You can order A Cornish Connection or any of Amanda's books from us by using our online order form here. Don't forget you can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for all our latest announcements, updates and book news.

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