High Tide by Veronica Henry review

High Tide, a beautiful story set in a fictional Fowey-esque town, where community spirit sits hand in hand with a whole host of characters you’re bound to fall in love with.

While many might think that High Tide looks to be an easy breezy romance story, as we turned the pages and delved deeper and deeper into the story, we found that the novel focused poignantly far more on the theme of loss, wellbeing and the emotional road to recovery and, it seems, the different ways characters could get there.

While romances and new relationships blossomed throughout the book, it was stirringly poignant to read a book set in a fictional seaside village inspired by Fowey where each character has been touched by loss in some way, shape, form or another.

At such unsettling times like these, it felt very close to home and showed how, out of grief, there can sometimes bring a little good.

Veronica Henry shows how communities coming together, looking after one another, can bring so much warmth, positivity and happiness in times of loss.

The autumnal winds that sweep a picturesque seaside village after the mad rush of summer is evident in this book and it was comforting to read something which echoed the thoughts and daily life from villagers who can relax into their lives again once the bustle of summer has passed.

High Tide

Veronica Henry writes in a way that reflects the beauty of fictional harbourside town, Pennfleet, while also creating characters that ring true in a very real and comforting way. From teens still grieving over the loss of their mother to young New Yorker Kate, who returns home for her mother’s funeral, this book features a whole host of characters who you encounter in an affectionate and tumbling stir of emotions.

Not to mention Nathan, the young and handsome funeral-cab-driver-come-entrepreneur-boatman, who finds himself romantically entangled with the village’s attractive widow, Vanessa.

Every single character you meet, as well as their romances brewing, will have you smiling, laughing, yet we hope not crying. (But we won’t judge if you happen to have a pack of tissues at your side.)

More than anything, there was a strong pull of community emanating from this book. By the end, it felt as if everybody knew each other, that their stories were all somehow intertwined, and their happy endings were invariably shared. Perhaps, right now, we can all learn a thing or two from this and be kind to those around us.

A beautiful and stirring seaside read, which will leave you wondering which character you loved the most.

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